According to many journals the LG Bridle is by now the most popular and practical bitless bridle on the global market. After many years of practical usage it has established itself in all sectors of equitation.



The main reason for this success is the overall functionality of this high-quality bridle.


The wheels with spokes are cast from the best stainless steel or brass and the leather parts consist of natural, tanned, German quality leather stitched by hand in a small German saddlery.
This is what makes each LG Bridle a unique one.


But it is not only it`s handcraft quality and functionality that makes the LG-bridle so very successful. First and foremost the LG Bridle clearly stands out of all previously seen bitless bridles due to it`s characteristic to be easily understood by the horse.


Photo: Mielke. Monika L. on Galeno P.R.E. in the shoulder-in


Compared with other bitless bridles the LG Bridle works differently than and is suitable for experienced riders, who make great demands on the art of riding.

Photo: Mielke. Monika L. rides the thoroughbred Timeless Girl xx

Photo: Mielke. Monika L. and Frisian Jacky in the gallop pirouette




Why actually bitless riding?
In recent years, several scientific studies on the subject of dental terms were published with obvious results.


Here is a short-summary of the main results of these studies:


Here are the reasons why to give up riding a horse with a metal bit:



Sophisticated Bitless Riding - book by Monika Lehmenkuehler

If you are - in addition to bitless riding - interested in more detailed information on scientific studies, we recommend the book "ANSPRUCHSVOLL GEBISSLOS REITEN" by Monika Lehmenkühler and Mirja Thiel that was published by OLMS Press/OLMS Publishing Company.